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A Better World: Dan Gemeinhart

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Dan Gemeinhart is the author of several books including The Honest Truth and Some Kind Of Courage and this is his story about how he is inspiring the next generation of readers. 

What inspired you to start writing?
I was inspired to start writing by my love of books and reading. I’ve always been a big reader, and books have been an important part of my life since I was a kid. I always knew that someday I was going to want to try to write my own, and I feel so lucky that I actually got to see this dream come true!
What kind of genre of books do you write?
I’ve kind of bounced around when it comes to book genres. Three of my books are realistic fiction (The Honest Truth, Scar Island, and The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise), one is historical fiction (Some Kind of Courage), and one is sort of fantasy (Good Dog). Plus, the new one I’m working on now is science fiction! So, really, I don’t have a favorite genre…I just write each story as it comes to me, and try to make it as interesting and moving as I can.
How long have you been writing for?
I’ve been seriously writing for about 15 years, but I’ve only been a published author for four years…it took me a looooong time to finally get a book published!
Did you face any struggles when pursuing writing, how did you overcome them?
Yes! I spent years struggling as a writer, writing bad books that no one wanted to publish, getting dozens and dozens of rejections. What I had to do was just to keep working…keep trying to get better, keep learning more about writing, keep putting in the time to improve my writing. It took a lot of determination and work, but my dream did come true!
What encourages you to continue to write stories?
What most encourages me to keep going is hearing from young readers who have read and liked my books. It’s an amazing feeling when someone tells me that one of my books is their favorite, or that one of my stories is the first book they’ve ever finished and liked. That’s a real source of encouragement and inspiration for me for sure.
Why did you write the honest truth?
I wrote The Honest Truth in memory of a friend of mine who passed away from cancer. The book is not about my friend, but I took some parts of real life (his name, his love of mountain climbing, the cancer) and tried to weave them together into a story that I hope he would’ve liked and wrote it in his honor. So it’s a story that really means a lot to me.
What does The Honest Truth mean to you?
To me, it’s all about how we’re all in this life together. Sometimes we all feel lonely, or hopeless, or sad…but if we keep going, keep our heads up, we’ll see that we aren’t as alone as we feel and that there is always hope and love and good things in the world.
What is your favorite part of writing books?
I love starting a new story, and I love finally typing “The End” when I’m done. All the stuff in between can be fun, too, but it’s a lot of work!
How do you come up with your ideas for books?
I get inspired by lots of things: people I meet, the memories I have, shows I watch, songs I hear, books I read, or daydreams I have when I’m bored. Ideas and inspiration are all around us if you keep your eyes and your heart open!
What do you want readers to take away from your books? 
First and foremost I just want them to have fun reading a great story. But, yeah, I hope my stories do make them think some big thoughts, feel some big feelings, ask some big questions. I hope that my stories might make them look at themselves, their lives, or the people around them differently.
You can check out The Honest Truth by going to the link below
It is a great book and a very touching read. 
Interview took place on 5/2/19

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