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Cattle Baron’s Ball

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The Weekly Tune: The fight against cancer is never easy, but
Our Community Is Stronger Than Cancer.

Cancer fights hard, but we fight harder. I had the incredible honor to attend this year’s Richmond Cattle Baron’s Ball.

I often hear about the incredible things that the American Cancer Society is accomplishing every day. By funding young innovative researchers and new experimental treatments, they are fueling innovation within the oncology field. This is an organization willing to take risks to achieve the incredible.

As I went through my treatment, the American Cancer Society supported my family through each and every step. Many of the medicines that saved my life were created from researches funded by the American Cancer Society. The Society helps many patients around the country by providing transportation to treatments, covering medical expenses, and providing overall support to patients and families throughout treatments.

The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913, at a time where a cancer diagnosis was feared and rarely talked about. The main goal for the Society was to raise awareness of the disease. After World War II, the American Cancer Society began to make big strives in research.

Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has invested more than $4 billion in research, recognizing and providing the funding 47 researchers needed to get started and go on to win the Nobel Prize

The American Cancer Society requires a lot of funding to make all of these things possible. One of the biggest fundraising events by the American Cancer Society is their annual Cattle Baron Ball. Originating in Dallas in 1974, the American Cancer Society held it’s first-ever Cattle Baron Ball.

“Through ticket sales and the auction, the inaugural event raised $56,000.”

Since then the Cattle Baron Ball has raised over $81 million for cancer research and the event has expanded across the nation. This year I was invited to Richmond’s annual Cattle Baron Ball and I had an amazing time.

The ball began at 6 pm and we started from home at 6 pm. You can piece the rest together. Thankfully, it wasn’t a very long drive and we weren’t too late. When we reached, it was very obvious that we were in the right place. The entrance was grand with pink police cruisers on each side.

Every year, the Richmond Cattle Baron’s Ball is held on a huge, beautiful ranch. As we drove through the ranch, we could see horses and cattle grazing on the meadows. We shortly reached the tent where the event was being held. After checking in and getting ourselves seated, we got ourselves food and drinks. The food was incredible. From dancing to live music by Parmalee, the night was full of activities. There were live and silent auctions, and all profits from the night went directly to the American Cancer Society.

That night I had a chance to meet a sweet little boy named Caleb. Caleb is a fellow neuroblastoma survivor and I had a wonderful time with him. I had the chance to share my journey with his parents and hear about his incredible journey. That was one of my favorite parts of the night. I also heard the story of an older cancer survivor in his 20s and his courageous battle against cancer.

The American Cancer Society has invited me and my family to next year’s ball, where I will be sharing my story and talking about the impact that the American Cancer Society had on me and my treatment. Hearing all the incredible stories this year truly inspired me and I am excited for next year. I am very thankful to the American Cancer Society for giving me this opportunity.

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