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A Better World: Garrison

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Garrison Redd founded TheGarrisonReddProject and this is his story of inspiring people and making the world a more inclusive place. 

“life is like lemonade” – Garrison Redd

My name is Garrison Redd and I am a Motivational Speaker, model, athlete/Paralympian, entrepreneur, and most of all an advocate for equal rights. I founded an organization called “TheGarrisonReddProject” with an essential goal of bettering the well-being of disabled individuals through a variety of methods. I provide free resources and services in the areas of advice, motivation, inspiration, health, and many other areas in order to improve the quality of living for disabled individuals.

I played various sports growing up such as boxing, basketball, baseball, and football. In football, I was a standout running back from youth football up until high school. I received various awards and accolades.

Going into my senior year at James Madison High School, I was outside on an ordinary summer night, when I was shot in my back. The bullet burned the nerves surrounding the t12 section of my spine, which left me unable to walk. Instead of feeling sorry for myself or depressed, I decided to triumph through the face of adversity. Most people would’ve felt that their life was coming to an end however, I felt like my life was just beginning. At 17 years old after this catastrophic injury had occurred to me, I wasn’t discouraged, because it made me into a different man. It made me think about the bigger picture. It made me think that maybe I was put here to inspire everyone from the youth to the elderly, which I am now on a journey to achieve.

Fast forward to present time, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from York College. I am currently training for team USA para powerlifting with aspirations of winning a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I am a seasoned motivational speaker and I did a Ted Talk which is titled “Life is like Lemonade”, where I discuss some of the adversities I faced on my journey to success.  I founded a nonprofit organization called TheGarrisonReddProject with a mission to raise awareness for disabled individuals along with promoting self-confidence.

TheGarrisonReddProject provides individuals with assistance in the community, the workplace, transportation, education and any other issues individuals may be experiencing. We also host fundraisers and charitable events to provide accessible equipment to individuals who are unable to afford certain items which will improve their quality of life such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and plenty other medical devices. TheGarrisonReddProject provides motivational and inspirational speeches to everyone on a variety of topics. Ultimately TheGarrisonReddProject has one goal in mind and that is “to make to this world more inclusive”.

Check out the Ted Talk below.

The interview took place on 12/14/18

Let’s inspire the world – Wasilly


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