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A life lesson from a fisherman

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A life lesson from a fisherman.

There was once a businessman sitting by the beach in a small village. While looking out on the water, he sees a fisherman pulling in his boat.

Intrigued, he goes up to him and asks, “How long does it take you to catch these fishes?”

The fisherman responds, “Oh just a few hours.”

“Then how come you don’t stay out longer and catch more?” says the businessman.

The fisherman replies, “Well, this is enough to feed my family.”

“So what do you do with the rest of your day,” the businessman asks.

“Well, after I fish in the morning, I go back and play with my kids. Then I take a nap. Then the evening arrives, and I hang out with my buddies and we sing, dance and chat.”

Skeptical, the businessman begins to sell his idea.

“Well, if you worked longer hours and caught more fish you could then buy more boats and hire more fishermen. You’d then be able to set up a company, can the food and distribute it throughout your country.”

Confused, the fisherman asks, “And then what happens?”

By then, the businessman fires back, “You could move into a bigger house and in a nicer village and you could run a fishing empire!”

“And then what?” asks the fisherman.

“And then you could finally retire, play with your kids, have a nice afternoon nap with your wife, and at night, spend time with your closest friends singing and dancing.”

Puzzled, the fisherman answers, “Isn’t that what I’m already doing?”

– Paulo Coelho

What many people don’t realize is that there is more to life than just getting power, money, fame, and recognition. They don’t realize that happiness doesn’t come from achieving these things. They miss out on their entire life by trying to become bigger and bigger and bigger. Many people, including me, sometimes forget that a lot of what we need to be happy is right in front of us. Our family, friends, home etc.. Very often we take these things for granted. Sometimes we forget about what matters to us and just begin to crave more and more for things which we don’t need. The desire keeps getting bigger and bigger over time. It’ll never stop. It’ll never satisfy anyone. That’s why sometimes I think it’s very important to stop and see whether we are on the right path.

By stopping and slowing down to think, you will get a chance to center yourself. It’s important to find out what really matters to you. We need to remind ourselves of what is essential. We need to remember that sacrificing the things we love for power isn’t worth the cost.

You can gain unlimited fame and money but it will never give your life a meaning.  Our experiences in life give it meaning, and if you are hung up on gaining fame and money, you’ll miss out on those experiences. Stepping away from the chaos can help you clear things up. You can begin to find out what really matters to you. It can give you more time to devote to the things you love. More time to play with your kids. More time to spend with your loved ones. And of course, more time to spend with your closest friends singing and dancing


Thank you to Yes Theory for the inspiration behind this post.


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