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“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains.”

Death is a very hard and sad thing to talk about. Just recently there was a girl at my school who passed away. She was in sixth grade. Her name was Avianca. Avianca was extraordinary. She was very nice and she always supported others when they needed her. She was the most selfless person I had met in a long time. Even though I was not very close to her, it hurt me a lot to find out that she had passed away. She was a really fun and outgoing person. We will not forget her ever.

In many religions, death is not considered the end. Death is never the end. Much of the pain from death comes from a sense of loss. I believe that a person’s spirit always lives on. I believe that they never leave us and that they are always there with us in our heart. We should treasure each and every moment of our lives. Its okay to be sad about death, it’s natural. But, what we should remember about the person we lost is the wonderful things that he or she did and the wonderful life he or she lived.

Avianca lived in my neighborhood. She rode the same bus as me and she went to the same school as me. There was one quality that Avianca had which I have not noticed in many other people. She was a very determined person. Whatever the obstacle was, she would overcome it. She was also very selfless and very courageous. She was on the track team at my school. Even if she got hurt and couldn’t play she would still come to the team competitions to support them. She was a wonderful person and she was really funny.
She will be missed. Avianca brought a light to this world and it will shine for a long time to come.

I asked some of Avianca’s Friends to share stories about her.

Here they are

I face timed with her a lot and she was really fun. Avianca was always there for me and she always put herself before others.

On the last last day of school in first block we watched a 6th grade video. It was me, Avianca, Sam, and Omar. While watching the video she started crying, and she kept crying till the end of the video.Then when it was done she told me,Omar,and Sam that she is going to miss us a lot and she was gonna miss everyone in this school a lot. She said that 7th and 8th grade was going to be so fun with us and we all were agreeing and she was crying becuase she was going to miss all of her friends and all of the people that supported her. We all told her that we would miss her too. I was devastated when I found out that she passed away.

I used to always stand up for her when she got bullied. I used to help her with any issues she had and I am very sad that she passed away. It really hurt me, but its good knowing that she had a great life.

I liked when Avianca and I could talk about anything. We would always stay up late talking about stuff we loved. We would always laugh at things which were not even funny, I love how I could trust her with anything and everything.

We would always go to the mall together. She would always run around and jump on the beds at macy’s and that would always make me laugh. I will miss her.

I remeber everyday during recess in fifth grade me and Avianca would pretend we were playing games but we would just be talking and laughing together.

I remember we were on the bus loop and I was really mad at something and she tried to get me to smile. She was such a great person. I’m going to miss her so much.

Avianca used to be my neighbor just two years ago and we had many fun times together. Just a month ago I was helping out in her class and we were gossiping about boys. She was a very nice and sweet girl. I am very sad that she has passed. I send all my hopes and prayers.

When me and Avianca were in kindergarten we used to sing dynamite on the swings everyday.

We had one amazing memory when I was in kindergarten! So I had Mrs. Chivily, and she was in 2nd grade. Every morning she would come in my classroom and go to Mrs. Chivilys desk give her a hug, and then she would always either wave to me or come to my desk and give me a hug. I miss her so much.

My condolences go out to the family.
We will never forget you Avianca

Author: Eshan

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  1. Eshan, I am so sorry for your loss. This post is beautiful and touches anyone’s heart. Thanks for sharing. Hope your friend rest in peace.

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