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Oh New York

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New York Through The Eyes Of A 14 Year Old With A Camera

“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.” Georgia O’Keeffe
Cue Frank Sinatra New York, New York.

I recommend you listen to the song while reading.😂

I have been to New York countless times, but this trip was unique. Every time I go there, I never cease to be amazed by the vibrant city. New York City is the place that I feel like visiting over and over again. The culture and lifestyle of New York are truly incredible. I feel that New York is an incredible place to express art and be yourself. I would really love to live there one day.

Although, If you have never been there, let me tell you a bit about this city fondly called the Big Apple. New York is really crowded. There is traffic everywhere, and don’t get me started on the construction. IT NEVER STOPS. Every time I go there, they either are constructing something or remodeling. It’s a really noisy city. But if you get past the noise and construction, you can explore one of the most incredible cities in the world. New York is full of history. There is so much to explore.

This year I went to New York to perform on The Today Show. It was an incredible experience. After the show, my family and I set out to explore New York City. We stopped by a bakery to get breakfast. I got a chicken sandwich and some coffee. The sandwich was really good. There is something unique about New York bakeries; their food tastes so good. After we all ate a filling breakfast we went around New York and saw Time Square. Time Square is really crowded, and it’s full of huge billboards/screens. It is really beautiful in the night. Definitely, a must see if you are in New York.

Later on, we went on a tram over the Hudson River. It was very beautiful. Shortly after the tram ride, we went to a famous restaurant called Serendipity 3. Ever heard of it? It is famous for it’s $1,000 dessert and it was also featured in the movie Serendipity.

Serendipity means, “the occurrence or development of events in a beneficial way.”
The food was delicious. I understand why the restaurant is so famous. The inside of the restaurant was intriguing too. Definitely unique.

Here are some pictures of the tram, Hudson Island, and Serendipity 3

After all of that, we were planning to go to a football game at the MetLife Stadium. On the way to the hotel, we got lost in the subway system. That sucked. We spent about two hours trying to figure out our way through the subway system, then we just gave up took an Uber back to the hotel. By that time we were so exhausted, we just stayed in the room and got pizza. That was a wonderful experience 😒 😂. The next day we would be up early and we would start driving to Niagara Falls. I’ll save that for another post.


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