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School Started. Oh No

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“What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends.” – J. J. Watt

High school. Some call it a battleground… I think its kinda fun.

School started a few days ago and it’s been interesting. Basically, my schedule is that I go to school at 8 and I come back at 5. I have an early bird class; robotics. The class is kinda boring and we haven’t even talked about robots yet. After my early bird robotics class, I go to my regular classes. My first block starts at 9 am. My school has an odd and even system for classes. On Mondays, I have all of my classes. On Tuesday I have my odd classes (1,3,5,7) and on Wednesday my even classes (2,4,5,6). It’s different from middle school and it will take me some time to get used to it.


I have already made a few friends and I already have few tales to tell. Last week during lunch I was joking about dating with one of my friends. He said I should ask the school counselor for dating advice. I quickly said no and then he asked: “Do you want me to ask for you?” I actually thought he was joking, so I dared him to. He got up, walked straight up to the counselor. Then next thing I saw was my friend and the counselor both walking towards me. I was slowly dying on the inside, as I was waiting for the counselor to come and talk to me, and when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, another counselor came and said “Hello.” What happened next was just straight out embarrassing for me, I was talking to two counselors about dating. I guess I brought it upon myself.

I have another story. I was in biology and the class was divided into groups. We had to build a tower out of tape, spaghetti, and marshmallow. You probably have done this kind of competition once in your lifetime right? The tallest tower standing, in the end, would win. We failed. We couldn’t stop laughing at how bad we were at it. We made a horrible base and everything went downhill from there. We put the marshmallow at the last second and then we had to back away from the table. As we looked at the tower, the weight of the marshmallow made the tower droop to one side. In the end, our tower looked more like a catapult ready to fire the marshmallow across the room. At least it was still standing. Here’s a visual representation. It sucked.

The School

Tucker High school is an open campus. Open campuses are actually really cool because you don’t have to be stuck indoors for the entire day. Now open campuses have their own limitations. Rain, cold, heat, in an open campus you have to experience all of it. Winter isn’t going to be very fun for me.

On the way back to my home, my bus goes to a local hub where it waits for 40 minutes. 40 minutes of just waiting. It really sucks because I get home at 5:30 and then I have to do homework so I hardly get any free time. On the first day, I got home at 6. I thought it was just because of the first day but the times didn’t improve much. Now I’m officially a car rider.

The IB Program

The IB program stands for The International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. The IB program is an international program, hence the name, that teaches students how to be better people. The IB program is definitely challenging but it is a well-accredited program. IB students get first preference in colleges. I already have a project due Wednesday, 4 quizzes on Monday, and I had a quiz yesterday. I have great teachers too. All teachers are IB certified and they are quite nice. My English teacher is really funny, sarcastic, and loves elephants. My biology teacher was a Marine Biologist who worked in Virginia Beach. My social studies teacher is… well… I don’t really know much about her yet. It’s a great school with great teachers.

Another advantage of the IB program is that I have the same people in every class. There are about 50 other kids in the program with me. It’s great because I spend the next four years with these people and I can make great friendships.

One Last Thing

School is closed today. Wanna know why? Hurricane Florence. I live in Richmond, Virginia. Hurricane Florence isn’t supposed to directly hit where I live. There should just be a bit of rain. You would think that rain wouldn’t be too hard to handle, but you are wrong. Tucker has a reputation of flooding. Like I mean flooding when there isn’t even a hurricane. The band room, main office, classrooms, gym, cafeterias, basically everything in the school has flooded at a point. Tucker is built on a hill with classrooms on the bottom. When it rains all the water is going to flood the classrooms. The school has been trying to prepare by putting sandbags and cleaning the gutters. Flooding is not good for the school, but I am happy for one thing. The county canceled school for today. At least the hurricane gave us one good thing. No school.

Well, that’s a wrap. I gotta say, I am pretty excited for my years ahead in high school.

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