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Spanish Class

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Let’s just say that this is an amazing story.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. ” – Brad Henry

To my amazing Spanish teacher.
Dear Spanish teacher. You are the most outrageous, irresponsible, craziest, and inspiring teacher I have met. Now you probably think I am crazy for calling my Spanish teacher inspiring right after calling her irresponsible. To explain let’s start from the beginning.
School day 1.
I walk into class.

School day 4.
She already hates me.

Yep, that’s what happened. In 3 days I made my Spanish teacher hate me. My Spanish teacher is quite funny but if you get on her bad side, it sucks. I have never been on a teacher’s bad side. I am a good kid. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I am really nice. At least that’s what I hope they tell you 😆. I have no idea how I made her hate me.

School day 20 
Oh No!

This is when things got messy. She already hated me but she couldn’t do anything to me because she hardly knew me. Then this happened. She found a picture of me in the yearbook. She also found out this ridiculous project I made in 6th grade. So she showed my horrible picture to the class. RIP. She wasn’t done though. Next was my incredible, embarrassing, ridiculous, outrageous 6th-grade project. This project was meant to be a time capsule FOR ME.  Well instead of me being the only one to read my horrible work, my entire class got to hear what I wrote down on my atrocious time capsule. I had some weird stuff in that. She left out the weird stuff like my crush but she still embarrassed me a lot. MY SPANISH TEACHER DID ALL OF THIS JUST CAUSE I WAS ON HER BAD SIDE. Not very fun. I have many more stories of her embarrassing me, but let’s get to the part where she inspired me.

School day 120

Yes, it took her 100 days to inspire me. This day was especially bad for me. You know those days when nothing good happens. Like one horrible thing after another. Yeah, that was basically my day. This day I got into a fight and I got bullied pretty badly. I had her class on this day. I was feeling really down and she noticed. She made me stay after class so I could explain what happened. I told her everything. Then she gave me really good advice. She said that these bullies bully other people because they are scared. She told me that I should never let them get into my head.  She taught me that life will knock me down many times but the important thing is how many times I will get back up.

School day 175

I am here writing a post about my amazing and inspiring Spanish teacher.



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