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The Beauty Of Music.

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There is no correct kind of music.
To My Piano Teacher
“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

Music is a universal language. There are no boundaries when it comes to music. Some people say that there is a correct way to learn and play music. That is wrong. Everyone has their own story to tell. Everyone should be allowed to learn and express music however they want to. Music speaks to everyone differently. There are people who say that music isn’t a real art form. When it comes to music nothing is a guarantee. The music industry is very competitive. Artists sometimes forget to keep their music real. Artists start using autotune to make their voice sound better just for the sake of profits. I say that music is an incredible art form if it is done right. Music can inspire hundreds and change minds. Most of all it can change hearts. Music is truly unbelievable. Musicians tell stories with their songs. Their own unique stories. Stories that help many people. They have the greatest job in the world. Music has been there for me at my worst moments. It has helped me feel better in many ways.

Everyone has different tastes in music. We all have some type of music that speaks to us. Have you ever wondered why you liked a specific song so much and you couldn’t get out of your head? I don’t know why. If I did, I would be a millionaire. I do have a theory though. I think it’s our souls. Yes, I know it’s funny, but I believe in it. Like I said earlier, music speaks to everyone differently. Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own experiences. Everyone takes their own path. Our experiences mold our taste in music. The music that a person listens to reflects the characteristics of him or her. Without music, life would be empty.

As you know I have a piano teacher. He helped me find my love for music and he helped me find my true self.  He helped me see the beauty of music and what it does to people. He taught me how to tell my own stories and how to inspire others in the same way he did. He taught me how to live a life full of music.

You have to get lost before you can find yourself.

Schools over
I will start posting a bit more.


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