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The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a wonderful book. Let me give some background on how I found this book.
I read it as part of my school’s summer reading program. I enjoy reading, but I don’t like that we have to do a project over the summer. This year I need to write an essay about the book I read. They gave me three books to select from. I obviously chose the shortest one. I have to say that I don’t regret it at all. Little did I know that this book had such a deep meaning behind it. Here is my effort to review the book that, to an extent, really changed the way I thought about life.

The book is about a man named Eddie, and it begins at his death. Eddie is a maintenance worker at Ruby Pier, an amusement park by the ocean. Eddie has always wanted to leave Ruby Pier and find work elsewhere but he never got the chance to. On an ordinary day, Eddie was maintaining the rides, when he saw a problem with the newest ride; Freddy’s free fall. One of the carts of the roller coaster was hanging and was about to fall off. He orders his fellow maintenance worker to get the people out of the cart and send the cart down so they can fix the problem. Within seconds he realizes that he made a horrible decision. A girl wandered onto the tracks while Eddie was not looking. The cart is released. Without thinking he dives for her and is killed in the process.

In Heaven, Eddie meets five people. The Blue man, his army commander, Ruby, Marguerite, and Tala. These people teach him 4 lessons. The lessons of connection, sacrifice, forgiveness, and love. This book says that the five people you meet in heaven can be anyone. A close relative or a complete stranger somewhat associated with you. These five people went through the same process as Eddie, and now they serve as mentors to Eddie. This book demonstrates that in heaven you can look back at the life you lived on Earth and learn the meaning of your life.

During the story, the author tells the reader about Eddie’s birthdays on earth. The author showcases Eddie’s life through his birthdays. This builds Eddie’s character and we learn a lot about him. We also learn a lot about his dad, wife, mom, and friends.

This book can really change the way anyone thinks about life. It shows that we are all connected and that life is truly a miracle. Everyone has there own idea of heaven and those should be respected. This book gives you a look at heaven from the author’s perspective. This book shows that people who felt unimportant on earth, in heaven, they finally realize how much they mattered and how much they were loved. This book shows how beautiful heaven is, and it shows that the end is only the beginning.

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