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The Today Show

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Little did Eshan know that he was going to the big leagues.

We shook the world.

One Month Before Performance

At the start of summer, SPARC invited 20 students to a meeting with a surprise in store. They told us that we were invited by Jason Mraz to perform on the NBC Today Show. It was once in a lifetime opportunity. We were super excited that we got this opportunity to represent Sparc on live tv. You can see our excitement in the video below 😊

One Week Before Performance

We began rehearsals one week before the performance. We were tasked with learning three songs in four rehearsals. All the songs that we learned were written by Jason Mraz. We would be performing I’m Yours, Have It All, and Remedy. We started rehearsals with I’m Yours which consisted of ukulele, painting, and dance. Then we worked on a dance for Have It All. Lastly we worked on Remedy. For Remedy we danced and made pictures and words.

One day before performance

I was anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time as we got closer to the performance.

All the transportation and lodging expenses for our New York trip were paid by Atlantic records company. We got on a train to New York in the morning on Thursday, 9th August. After reaching New York in the afternoon we did a few rehearsals at our hotel. In the evening we were allowed to explore New York.

Performance day

We had to meet up in the hotel lobby at 5:30 the next morning. We walked to the Today Show location and we did sound checks. They gave us our own backstage passes and a green room. At 7:45 am we were called to perform. We climbed up the stage and the countdown began to go live. 5,4,3,2,1. We were on live TV and we were there to change the world.

Thank you SPARC for giving me this opportunity to perform on the Today Show. I’m sure we touched many people’s hearts by spreading the message of love and compassion.

Watch it here

PS. This is why I didn’t post yesterday

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