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Chikhaldara, India

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This is part of a series of posts documenting my vacation in India. To see the other posts click here.

I was reaching the last leg of my vacation in India. After the wedding in Nagpur, we went to Bhopal, where my dad’s side of the family lives. In Bhopal, we did some shopping and ate local street food. India’s street food is amazing. As you walk past street vendors you can smell all the different aromas of yummy food. While I am not the biggest fan of spicy food, that didn’t stop me from wanting to try all the delicious things that the vendors offered, especially the sweets. After Bhopal, I visited my mom’s side of the family in Amravati. Amravati is a small city in the state of Maharashtra. In Amravati, there are many places to visit. We stayed in Amravati for a few days and we visited a place called Chikhaldara.

Chikhaldara is a popular vacation spot located in the state of Maharashtra. It’s about a 3-hour drive from Amravati to Chikhaldara. The road was narrow and bumpy, and by the end of the trip, I was feeling quite carsick. On the other hand, the views during the drive were definitely extraordinary. As you were climbing up the mountain you could begin to see the various wildlife. From monkeys to deers, we saw many animals along our journey.

Once we reached Chikhaldara it was nearly afternoon. We stayed at a resort overlooking the valley. We didn’t have much time in Chikhaldara, but we made the most of it by visiting some of the most iconic places that Chikhaldara had to offer. On our first day in Chikhaldara, we went to various viewpoints overlooking the valley. The high elevation of Chikhaldar allowed us to see clouds flowing right in front of us. Those moments we spent overlooking the valley were just serene and majestic.

The next day we set out to go to a well-known temple called Devi Point. Indian temples are quite beautiful and this one was one of the most beautiful temples I had ever seen. Indian temples, in my experience, are quite enchanting. The simplest of things like the kindness you are greeted with when you step into a temple is remarkable and makes the entire experience incredible.

This temple was not only beautiful but simply extraordinary. The temple was located in a cave. There was a waterfall right next to the temple, there is water coming down from the ceiling of the cave and as you entered you would be drenched with the cold and refreshing water. You would continue being drenched with water as you walked through the temple. It was a very unique experience which I enjoyed tremendously.

Outside of the temple, you could see the valley in all its glory. You could walk to up to the edges and touch the clouds. After visiting the temple we drove to Gawilghur. Gawilghur was a fort of the Maratha Empire. This fort was huge and was so incredible to look at. Just looking at the fort made me wonder about the incredible stories of the battles and events that must have occurred during the time period.

Remains of the fort continue to stand tall today.

After visiting the fort we went back to the resort to catch up on some rest because we would be going on a safari ride in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we visited the Melghat Tiger Reserve. The Melghat Tiger Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary. In the reserve, you can see tigers, deer, leopards, buffalos, and many other kinds of animals. We went on a safari tour of the reserve. While we may have not seen tigers nor leopards we did see a pack of deer, wild buffalos, peacocks.

The ride through the forest was very fun and exciting and we caught some incredible views of the valley during sunset. This was a great conclusion for our trip to Chikhaldara.

The next day we packed up and got ready to head back home. Yes, I got pretty car sick on the way home as well. Overall I enjoyed Chikhaldara quite a lot and it was a very memorable trip.

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