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Congress Performance

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“It only becomes art if it touches other people.” ― Andreas Eschbach

Yesterday I went to the Library of Congress to perform in front of the Congress. 

Lets back up,
So if you guys have read some of my posts you guys are familiar with Sparc. I have been participating in their programs since I was eight. Sparc has given me so many unique and amazing opportunities. I am extremely grateful that I am connected with SPARC. I participate in Sparc summer camps and I am also part of Sparc’s Live Art. It is a huge show which includes 200 Sparc students and famous artists from the music industry. Last year Ascap’s executive producer came to see Live art. She loved Live Art. Ascap came to Sparc and asked us to perform at the Library of Congress. There was only one problem. We could only bring few kids because of how small the stage was. I was selected to go to the Library of Congress to perform. I was going to play the ukulele, sing, and dance.

I have worked with Jason Mraz many times in Live Art but this was completely different. We were going to perform for the entire Congress. It was amazing. We had to work  quickly because we had about 2 weeks to put together two songs to perform in Ascap’s “We Write The Songs.”

I arrived at Sparc at 10:30 in the morning. We had one more mini rehearsal and then we left for Washington D.C. It was a two-hour drive. When we reached Washington D.C. we were escorted by the police to the Library of Congress.  We arrived at 1:30 pm. We checked into the Library of Congress and they gave us a huge room to rehearse and prepare for the performance. We met up with Nancy Munoz (Ascap’s executive producer). She told us that Ascap donated 3,000 dollars to Sparc as a gift for coming to their event. It was a great moment and it was really fun.

We had 5 hours till our sound check. We checked out a lot of exhibits in the Library of Congress. We wanted to get something to drink so we asked one of the guards if there was a coffee shop anywhere near. He told us there was one in the basement. So… we went looking. It turned out the basement was more like a cellar and usually, people didn’t go there. After looking for 30 minutes we finally found it and got some coffee. The interesting part was when we tried to get back to our room because we forgot where we came from. Long story short we went in the wrong direction and somehow we crossed the street (it was an underground tunnel) and ended up in a completely different building.

We got back safely after 2 hours ? .  We did a sound check with Jason Mraz. I played my ukulele. Half an hour later, we had dinner. The food was spectacular. They had cupcakes with 24 karat gold sprinkled on them. We were dining with the elites?, I had an amazing time.

We were all set to perform at  9:00 pm. We were the second to last performance. There were many big artists and bands like the Beach Boys, Michael McDonald, Brandy Clark, and more. It was a great experience and definitely one which I won’t forget in a long time.

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