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The Outspoken Narrative – EP 4: The Education System

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Episode 4


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The American education system has been flawed forever, and changing it will not be easy, but it is possible. The most recent episode of the Outspoken Narrative takes a deep dive into how race, religion, politics, and gender affect what kids learn in schools.

The Outspoken Narrative is a docuseries that I am creating with a group of my high school friends. This series aims to have conversations about important issues taking place across the world. Each episode we tackle a different issue. We tell the story through the facts, and through the first-hand experiences of people on the ground. This is the Outspoken Narrative.


In this episode, we reached out to two students from two very different parts of the USA to hear how their education was influenced by politics, religion, gender, and race.

Natalie Ryan

Natalie Ryan went to schools in Utah and Idaho. In our interview, she discussed her struggles with the education system. Natalie discussed how the church of Latter-Day saints impacted what she could/couldn’t learn in schools.

Topics such as evolution and sexual education were censored from being taught in schools thus putting students in difficult situations. She discusses how the school system was forced to conform to the church and even if students were not associated with the religion, they were affected by it and forced to learn about the religion as part of the mandatory school curriculum. Natalie also talked about the inadequate representation of LGBTQ+ individuals and people of color in her education.

Sydney Shoulders

Sydney Shoulders is currently going to school in Virginia. In our interview, she talked about the lack of racial education in schools. She mentioned that schools have failed to highlight minority groups and many feel forgotten in the school system. She also covered the failures of the education system on teaching multiple sides of political arguments.

She discussed how LGBTQ+ rights, and history, were rarely discussed in schools as well as little to no discussion on the issues affecting the newest generations.

While this episode only revolves around four factors that impact education, in future episodes, we plan to discuss the impact of teacher biases and income inequality on the education which students receive.

Author: Eshan

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