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Geometry and Tacos

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“Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” – Albert Einstein

Dear Albert Einstein

Frankly, I do worry. I worry a lot about math.

This year I am taking geometry over the summer. I just started the course a few days ago. It will go on for 5 more weeks. It is Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 1:30 pm. To me it is brutal. It sucks. You spend around six hours learning geometry with only a short twenty-minute break for lunch. TWENTY MINUTESSSSSS. It’s crazy. Today we had a huge test. Yesterday we had a POP QUIZ. WE HAVE A TEST EVERY WEEK AND A QUIZ EVERY OTHER DAY. It’s so fun (sarcasm).

The reason I am taking this course is to help me get ahead of other students. It also helps me when I go to the IB program. They basically have to condense 36 weeks of material into 6 weeks for summer school. That’s why we have to go there Monday to Thursday for SIX hours. It gets sooooooo boring. Also, the material is really hard. Half of the time I am daydreaming about random stuff like tacos. Tacos are yummy. They are my favorite Mexican food. Back to the topic.

So yes, the math sucks, but we have a wonderful teacher. She is so funny and she has a special way of presenting the information to us. She does it by being running across the room and telling us amazing stories about her life. These aren’t any ordinary stories, these are really funny stories. She told us that once her son got stuck in a toilet and it took her a good hour to get him out. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT ?. She tells funny stories that help the six hours go by faster. Also, she’s really good at teaching. She helps those who struggle or have questions. You know those teachers who don’t answer questions. She is the exact opposite of that. She encourages questions and she encourages us to explore math. Teachers who do that are awesome.

Teachers are wonderful. They teach us how to live life and they teach us extraordinary skills which we need in our lives. We take them for granted. We pay them really low wages. They deserve to be paid more and respected because without them it would be really hard to have a functioning society.

Author: Eshan

I am Eshan Vishwakarma. A 17-year-old filmmaker, writer, and, photographer. I am interested in learning about myself, and that is what this blog is for. I write about my journeys, struggles, and aspirations. I also, occasionally, write about topics I truly believe in. Through this blog, I feel a little more connected with my true self. If you are interested, check out the blog and leave a comment if you like the stuff I write. Thank you for coming!

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