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Greetings, Sadness

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Today, or yesterday when this is posted,

is not a good day. My emotions have been way out of tune today.

On paper, today was very productive.

I did nothing but work.

Worked on edits, college applications, internship stuff, docuseries stuff.

I basically spent this entire day working.

In theory, this was one of the most productive days I have had in a while.

I should consider having more bad days to be more productive

The truth is… I was left feeling low today.

I emotionally shut down for today.

And took to productivity to stifle any thoughts.

This update isn’t as grandeur as the previous ones I have put on here.

To compensate I put this cool image in the background.

I think all of this is happening because of my search

for a “home”.

I believed I was getting really close to finding it this week… and today I lost it…


I have no idea what to do about it,

and to say the least…

I am a tad bit impatient

To step back, I spent this week beginning college applications. 
It has been building up a great deal of stress for me, so I want it done. 

Easy to say, hard to execute.

On the other end, I spent this week slowly chipping away at season two 
plans for the Outspoken Narrative. 

This week has shown me that all good things will take time, 
including this organization. 

Getting a worldwide team of creators, artists, and filmmakers to work in perfect harmony 
is a challenge. 

Maybe cause they aren't meant to work in harmony...

Maybe chaotic harmony?

Who knows. 

To say the least, I got a lot of things going for me.

I am excited 

And you know

We all have those bad days...

This was just one of them.

For now, signing off,  
The Wanderer

 A song I have been listening to recently

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