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Outspoken Narrative


What is the Outspoken Narrative?

The Outspoken Narrative is a docuseries.

A diverse group of individuals from across the country have created a series that aims to have conversations about important events and problems that the world faces.

In each episode, we tackle a different issue. We tell the story through the facts and the first-hand experiences of people on the ground.

Created in August of 2020, the Outspoken Narrative began as an idea to use filmmaking as a tool for social activism. At the time, not many organizations were utilizing the voices of the people who were directly affected by large movements and situations occurring in the world. The Outspoken Narrative set out to change that when it released its first episode of the BLM protests on August 3rd with interviews from photographers who had documented the BLM protests across the world. 

From that point, the Outspoken Narrative has continued releasing episodes on major topics such as the Beirut Explosion, CHOP/CHAZ, The Education System, and the Arctic Refuge. We have conducted interviews with award-winning National Geographic photographers, founders of large nonprofits such as Impact Lebanon, Gwich’in Native American Tribe members, and even more incredible people.

As the Outspoken Narrative continues to grow and expand its mission and reach, our original mission to highlight the first-hand experiences of people will never change. 

We release an episode every month partnering with Zenerations.

Zenerations is a youth organization and media organization that aims to empower the creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers of Generation Z. Together, the Outspoken Narrative and Zenerations, hope to shed light on important issues that affect the world.

Welcome to the Outspoken Narrative