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Quitting Social Media

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“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” – JR


Take a moment and look at the world we live in. Very often it is said that the time moves by so fast. That life is so short and it is often wasted.

Sure, you could say these things, but are they really true? Call me crazy, but I think the time moves at a perfectly normal speed, and I think life is not short. I think life is long enough to fulfill all our craziest dreams. I think the problem lies within us. We call life short because the majority of our life is spent looking at screens. In that sense, life is very short. In that sense, we only truly live around 50 percent of our life, and the other 50 percent of our life is spent looking at the screens.

Yup, that’s right. We practically give our lives up to the screens in our pockets, on our desks, in our classrooms, etc. The more time we are spending looking down at our phones or any screen, the less time we are actually experiencing life. So, yes. Life is short, but the only reason we see it like that is because we spending half of our life looking at the screens.

If we spend so much time with these screens, why not understand what we do with them. For this example, I am going to look at phones. I am leaving out computers, TVs, etc.

People usually spend most of the time on their phones texting and looking at social media. On average, people spend around 9 hours on social media per day. Those nine hours per day add up and a study showed that people, on average, will spend around 5 years on social media.

Do you know what you can do in 5 years?
– You can climb Mount Everest 32 times.
– Fly to the moon and back 32 times.
– Walk the entire great wall 3.5 times.

Five years of your life missed out on just social media, not even counting the other things which you do on your phone or any other device. Kinda ironic that these touchscreens can make us lose touch with life.

Technology has made us more lonely than ever, while it claims to connect us. Social networks don’t help us socialize. If they do anything, they make it harder to socialize. The fact that people sit at home, judging their self-worth based on likes and followers is absolutely insane. So here’s what I ask, we step away from it all. We step away from our phones. Instead of trying to get a picture of a beautiful experience, we actually experience it. What I am asking is that we live life in the moment.

So I tried it. I am going to stop using social media for one week.

Day 1


What. Have. I. Done.

Ok, so as they say, the first day of quitting anything is usually the hardest. The funny thing is, I just realized how much I use social media. To begin with, YouTube was my main source of entertainment. I was surprised to find out that YouTube is considered “social media”. Instagram is usually what I use to keep in touch with my friends. I’m glad I am doing this.

Oh, and no more memes for me I guess.

Day 2

Well, I caught a cold. Kind of ironic that I catch a cold the same time I stop using social media. Correlation?!? ?

It’s weird because I find myself looking at my phone randomly. It seems that I have grown accustomed to something always happening, that I never took the time to slow down. I have to admit, it still a bit hard but I think I’m getting used to it.

Day 3

It’s New Years Eve! I went to a nice party and it was really fun, also did a bit of dancing.

I feel more present in life than I have ever been. I also have had a chance to catch up on some reading. I can already see the positive impacts of quitting social media. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Day 4

It feels quite different not thinking about social media, likes, posts, all of that. It feels peaceful with everything being gone. If anything, getting rid of social media is quite cleansing. I still got to say, I still miss YouTube and Instagram a little bit, but I guess that’s part of the deal.

Day 5

You know what’s funny.

When you tell someone how you can’t use social media for one week, including YouTube, and then an hour later they send you a cat video.

Day 6

Well, school started again. My winter break is over. Kind of sucks but it was fun. And, my birthday is in two days. Almost forgot about it ?.

Day 7

It’s already been a week. Man. It was not easy, but I am glad I did it. I’m glad I stopped using social media for a week. It really opened my eyes and my life felt way more full in a sense. Now I’m not saying social media is bad, but I think it should be used in limits. It’s fun, but too much is bad. It can sometimes make you forget how valuable “here and now” is.


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I am Eshan Vishwakarma. A 17-year-old filmmaker, writer, and, photographer. I am interested in learning about myself, and that is what this blog is for. I write about my journeys, struggles, and aspirations. I also, occasionally, write about topics I truly believe in. Through this blog, I feel a little more connected with my true self. If you are interested, check out the blog and leave a comment if you like the stuff I write. Thank you for coming!

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